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September 30. 2013:
One day deal sites have consolidated, gone bankrupt, or turned into monsters.


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1 day deals have become more popular with sites including Groupon and Living Social, which has grown from a small site to a billion dollar enterprise. Deal of the day sites differ from other sites in that the deal becomes better (or possible) if a particular number of people sign up. Most one day deal sites concentrate on health, beauty, and fitness products given the largely female demographic, but one day deals can also be geared toward men if they involve specials on electronics and sporting equipment. One of the big criticisms of daily deal sites and one day deal operations is that they generally require the vendor to put cash up front for the advertising of the deal, so the merchant is on the hook for the price of the coupon as well as the cost of the advertising. This means that there will be a loss on the initial sale, but the hope is to create a following that is willing to come back at a full price. The problem, of course, is that many shoppers are flaky coupon clipper types that have no intention of coming back again because they can get a similar deal when your competitor comes along with a sale, and the only silver lining is that your competitor will also end up losing money on the deal. The solution might be to offer packages and "sticky" deals to people who come in under daily deal plans, so you can make the customer more likely to come back.

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Special note: There are a number of one day deal websites and lists, but it pays to make sure that you are getting a better deal than a normal retail price, and that you get merchandise that is comparable in value and type